Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb 28 - Plein Air at the Air Port

Yesterday's on-location spot was the 1930's Flabob Airport in Riverside. Now, some of you know that my mom had her private pilot's license when she lived in Hawaii before World War II, so I grew up with pictures and stories of flying small planes and pictures of even smaller airports.

Because of that history, I passed right by many of the artists who were set up on the OTHER side of the cafe (with its blue airport logo), driving around to the hangars to get the pilot's view. The management said to stay off the runway, so I set up on the taxi lane, and this is the first sight a pilot will see when he or she pulls in to park their plane. Flying in for lunch or breakfast is a hobby of many pilots, and the cafes at these small airports around the country serve quite good food!

I had fun with the Bonanza in the foreground, the plastic chairs in front of the cafe, and the ubiquitous wind sock. I felt as though I had dropped back in time as I was on the asphalt and carved out this 12x12 acrylic. And I know my mom was looking over my shoulder with a big smile. It is for sale for $350 in a nice custom frame.

The June workshop is now full, and thank you for responding so quickly!

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jim said...

With a surrounding like that - the airport is just asking for your rendering...keep up the good work!