Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mar 24 - Jury Duty and the Next Stage

Covering the canvas as I always do, this 12 x 9 painting progresses into the misty light of the overcast day quite easily. I stay completely in the Cool Box, using trios of colors to keep the mixes harmonious. Most of the distant areas behind the bridge are done with mixes that have white in them. White, being the coldest color on our palettes, is used in distance to give the ethereal feeling of misty light. White is also used, to a lesser degree, in the nearby areas. My contrast of values decreases as distance increases, and in misty light, the values get closer together more quickly!

Where does the time go? I've been doing much Spring cleaning of my studio, offing old work and work that doesn't represent my legacy, and "relocating" books from my art library to new owners through I'm also just enjoying this gorgeous spring weather here in California with gardens needing planting.

The workshop in Florida has been moved right into Ocala, so if you are in that area and want to attend this Color Boot Camp, please contact Kathie Camara ASAP (Link takes you to an email message)! The new location puts us in an urban area, and boot campers can come in daily instead of staying at the Carriage Park. It makes the workshop more affordable, as well.

Georgia is almost full, and it is going to be FANTASTIC as well!

I'm sitting in jury duty least they have wifi!

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