Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 27 - The Big One Further Along

Now I'm adding the details on this 30x40 oil, and now I'm about half-way through that phase. The contrast of light is beginning to come into play, as well as the contrasts of color, value and texture. I'm especially pleased with how the gates are placed, one painted dark and the other painted light. They seem to be like a comfortable couple of friends.

The open gate may bother some people who are familiar with "range protocol" which is to leave the gate as you find it, either fully open or fully closed. But I wanted to give a suggestion of possible entry into this space with the gate ajar, and just open enough for the soul to slip through. The distant mists are in place, and I'll be finishing up these details and lights after this weekend's plein air event.

Today I did two nice little gems, one of Riverside's Flabob Airport--it was like stepping back to 1930 to be on the taxi-way and painting the buildings and aircraft! That's a 12 x 12 acrylic, which I'll share with you when I get good images of it. The second painting was of local landmark Mt. Rubidoux lit by the last light of the sunset tonight, as seen from Carlson Dog Park (yes, Sparky and Onslow were with me and worn out!). That one, too, needs a better photograph.

Tomorrow I'm painting the Riverside Art Museum for the Quick Draw part of this week's event. I have some ideas of what to paint, not your usual "building in sunlight"... more to come!

There is only one spot left in my June Boot Camp Workshop, and I haven't even opened it up for deposit payment yet!!! The Color System just WORKS....

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