Friday, October 29, 2010

Oct 29 - In Chicago and the Demonstration

I did the demonstration painting before leaving for Chicago last week, and here's the first pass... Just the covering of the canvas with (in this case) sap green and burnt sienna, which are both warms. The painting that will result is of one of the many picnic tables in Hawley Lake's campground. Something about the location coupled with the table as a gathering place is motivating me to do a series of paintings conveying the beauty and the gathering of like-minded souls. We could all gather at a picnic table in a beautiful place and celebrate the joy of being together and the location!

This is a 16 x 20, and I'm doing it in acrylics. What you see, is the marks in the paint done with a silicone-tipped "brush" mark maker. The scribbles and jots are plans for the location of shapes coming later.

I carried it in this stage to the art guild in Temecula.

On other news, I'm typing this from Chicago North--having just seen my niece graduate as a Seaman Recruit at the Naval Training Station here. She was outstanding in her training, earning the right to carry the sword for the flag detail (all state flags) as part of the honor guard. Here's a rather grainy picture I took during the ceremony. I'm so proud of her intelligence, her focus, and her choice of following in her grandfather's choice of a Naval career.

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