Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29 - Plein Air from Maine Workshop Week, Oil, 12 x 9

The change in my life since reluctantly ceasing the daily paintings has been enormous, and all positive. Today I met Juliet Harrison, an equine artist with a camera, who came up to my studio today. She is out visiting relatives here in California from her own state of New York, with her family. We ate lunch in the outer studio, and I showed her around the place at her request. Her son Jackson loved the goats, especially wanting to meet Vincent. I should have taken more pictures, as it was fun to see excitement all over the place and how much Vincent van Goat loved the attention.

The weather has been beastly hot and slightly humid, and over 100 temps are hard to bear. Especially for the workers taking out and rebuilding the new entrance to the outer studio, where I'll have my February workshop. It will be great to have a proper entrance and patio for the workshop. Looks like that will be President's Weekend, Friday night through Monday, so if you want to be considered for a slot, please email me. I have a list.....

But I'm off to teach again, heading to Georgia in September. Twelve excited soon-to-be Color Boot Campers await my arrival. We'll be sited at the farm of a friend of mine, and it will be fun, fun fun! I'll send more and write more then. This past month has been a mini vacation for me, and it renews my energies to create more new work! Here's one from the workshop in Maine, we were painting Somes Sound and this is the demonstration piece for the late morning light. I can feel the wind in it! 12 x 9 oil, available for $255.

It's GOOD to be back!!

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