Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22 - A Maine Dream 5 x 7 Acrylic

IT is so much fun to layer acrylics and revisit Maine! Here's a small painting packed with messaging about acrylic usage. Take a look at the right side above my signature to see the trio of layers there. The first was the warm underpainting, done with Quin Burnt Orange, and then the two layers of color, the next done with a mix of Ultramarine and Alizarin, and white, and then the final layer, done with a mix of the ultramaine again with white. This last layer was laid down with a palette knife for additional textural interest. Because the two upper layers are done with the cool palette, they contrast nicely and vibrate with the warm of the burnt orange that toned the canvas. I call that sparkle, and it isn't about the white sparkly bits on water!
This painting will be up on my ebay store in a day or so for $100.

But not today, because Alberto and I are working on a cage for the new momma hen with her nine (so far) chicks! Fun to have baby chickens again. While I went to Maine, no one collected the eggs so she started setting. Yes, I'll post a picture once the cage is done and she and "the kids" are safely away from ravens and the like--they are so cute!

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