Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb 25 - More on the 30x40 Oil

I have the title for this one... "Secret Pasture". Many times when I work on a painting, a title will come and sit with me and smile, offering its name, and so it is with this one. Seems I am moved to paint places like this one, seeking out secure and safe sanctuaries during these troubled economic times.

As I continue to cover the canvas, I am more concerned with maintaining the middle values than I am with the purity of the color. I still have NOT opened the Warm Box of my Color System. Look at the way the colors already offer their cool and distant feel, without any friction among them. Am I concerned about edges? Not at this time.

The movement of the arched fenceline in the foreground is repeated, upside down, in the distant edge of the field. Nothing is straight! To create movement in a painting, it is always a good idea to keep things angled, curved or tipped. If your goal is static feel, then make your design lines parallel to an edge. Locks 'em down every time!

On other news (I just love those three words!) my art was selected for the poster for the University of California Botanic Gardens Spring Show. Here's the flyer for it. Funny that the poster comes out with the same complimentary colors I've been using with my latest large landscapes--red-violet and yellow-green. Hmmmm....mystery afoot!

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Sharon Crute said...

Congrats on the gorgeous poster! Your work is fascinating and I love following your blog.