Monday, September 13, 2010

Sep 13 - The DVD is 98% Finished! Preview!

So where have I been? Deep in the theater--editing digital footage and inserting audio files, text overlays, and letting the proverbial digital "0's and 1's" hit the cutting room floor. The first DVD is now mastered, and the second one only needs a few more hours of editing on the "Advanced Techniques" section. There's a preview link below, a minute and a half of over three hours of footage contained on the two-DVD set.
If this video doesn't come in below, try this one. (Takes you to a new page.)

(OK, I misspelled "available". Too excited!)

Now as soon as the second DVD master is finished, I can return to painting--for a while at least! There's a new dog in the studio, too. Niko, a female five-month Doberman, who joins Willow around the property keeping the bobcat off the chickens, barking at the folks heading up the hiking trail, and effectively creating havoc with the plants. Adolescent puppies! Aaargh, but she's a sweetie.

There are two spaces left in the November three-day Color Boot Camp here in Riverside. Looks like another great time for some re-booters and Newbies! Hope you'll join me.

Busy, busy, busy!!

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