Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jul 10 - The Cover, and Other News

The cover looks pretty good with the text laid across it! Lynda and I are working in harmony to create a good cover for the second in her series of writings about the magical brothers, and I am enjoying the process.

Working in collaboration with another artist can be both enlightening and exciting. I've needed some major distraction from recent events, and without even wishing for it, I've had some great opportunities. Lynda's cover, and then another opportunity presented itself! Collaboration with Ron Wood, who does architectural art glass for high end mansions and commercial buildings.

This project involved a trio of eight-foot-tall panels, one fixed and two as glass doors. With fused and laser cut glass, the panels have transparent and translucent painting in between those layers of fused glass. It's incredible to hold a sample piece of this artform--heavy, colorful, tactile. We worked for days getting the initial design to the architect, using drawings, scans, and hours on Photoshop to get the design in digital form. The architect will be presenting the idea to the client in the next few days.

So silence is healing for me, and I appreciate your emails asking how I'm doing. I'm OK. Art does that to and for us. Creating and immersing oneself in the art process can bring about an inner peace.

On other news, I'm again nursing a poisoned raptor--this time a Cooper's Hawk. I have the bird in an outdoor cage, and the mate comes down and rests on the upper edge when I'm not there. Wafarin is a nasty poison to all hawks, and people just don't realize that it is only for rats, sewers and indoor usage. Poisoning the ground squirrels is what causes it to end up in the raptors. I hope he makes it.

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