Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28 - Plein Air in the Evening from Two Trees

Wow, just when you think you have all your cats herded, here it is the end of March and I've not posted for a couple weeks! But with spring planting and garden care, teaching workshops, enjoying a reunion of friends here at the house, I've been busy! Now this 12 x 16 painting is one I've had on display at the Corona Art Association, and I picked it up last week. Problem was, I had not photographed it prior to taking it in!
It was painting during the Plein Air Artists of Riverside visit to our place, and it was done as the sun was going down, with the evening light golden orange. The lights of the distant sports park were on, as were some other evening lights.
I was standing on our patio by the pond when I painted it, in acrylics. One must move fast to capture that elusive evening light!
Interesting side note: The Italian cypress standing vertical near the sun is a favorite perching place for the red tail hawks that have set up housekeeping in one of the big pines behind the house here. We see them carrying branches to the nest, and hope to have baby hawks when the time is ripe.
ON the reunion--my two friends came in from CO and No. Cal. for a wonderful five-day visit. We worked together in Frankfurt, Germany, back in the 70s, and still get together once every two years at each others' homes. This year was my turn. In 2010 we're going to meet up back in Europe! I'll take my paints to Switzerland, for sure!
Here we are at lunch at the Mission Inn, Las Campanas, margaritas in hand!

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