Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 18 - In Georgia!!

I received an email awhile ago with a request for a painting, and the story follows. I hope you'll read her words and know why I paint:
 "I am interested in a small painting of a special yellow dog, that in a short time, opened the heart of a special man.  During a recent trek in the mountains of Nepal, a young, friendly dog joined us.  Wilson, as he became known, developed a special relationship with Ernest, the man pictured here.  Over the next nine days, he stayed close to us, "protecting" us from other trekking dogs, and looking to Ernest to protect him from goats, cows, and young Nepalese men wielding bamboo sticks.  Contrary to Nepalese custom, Wilson slept in the same room with Ernest and ate Nepalese bread, onion omelettes, and fried rice.  In one instance, where Ernest ordered chicken momo (Nepalese potstickers) and realized that the chicken in the arms of the woman passing the table was destined for the momo, Wilson got the entire serving!  Wilson would be on his way back to the United States.  Unfortunately, the tea house proprietress on our last night had two dogs, who did not tolerate Wilson, and, combined with her bamboo stick, drove him into the forest.  Although we heard him during the night, he could not work his past her and the dogs.

Ernest was heartbroken, although he maintained a stiff upper lip, for the rest of the trek.  In fact, he carried food for Wilson, hoping that the dog would catch up with us on the trail.  Such was not to be.  Ernest came up to me later and asked if I would send him the photo of Wilson sleeping on his trekking shoes.

What I recall of your work is your ability to capture the essence of the human-animal relationship, while maintaining the animal's integrity.  This is would remind Ernest of a special time, with a special dog, in a special time."

So yesteray I painted this acrylic of Wilson, and will be sending it off to Lynda to give to Ernest. I took no payment for it, because this painting HAD to be. Lynda offered to remit the price of a similar work to my local shelter in Wilson and Ernest's names. I am honored to have been a part of this event.
Last night I took the students on a quick hike around the 800 acres (well, we didn't go THAT far!) and we saw the evening light and the turning trees... GLORIOUS! What a magical time on the East Coast when the trees turn and the fall weather comes in. My favorite time of year, and my hostess is generous with her beautiful acreage. Lots of material for paintings!
I hope you'll continue on with me on this journey, and perhaps forward this on to your friends and family.

Thanks for reading,