Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 25 - Peace on Earth, Enjoy..

One of my favorite songs, sung in two languages. May each one of us work for "Peace on Earth" and I'll be back to the easel tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Dec 24 - Much to Enjoy

With this message are images of the new construction on the studio, almost finished now, and ready to share as my gift to you this Christmas Eve. The old entrance to the studio was narrow and dark, and there was a four foot wall right by the door, making getting in and out difficult. All the excavation resulted in this more pleasant welcome. I took these pictures this morning. ..temperature about 58 degrees.

This first image is the new walkway and lamp post, going to the stairs that drop down to the recessed patio. All concrete was stamped and stained to look like the natural granite boulders on the right. The outer studio is the green part, the main house is above that. Yes, those are the puppies!

This is the view looking up the new stairs toward the parking area. We added the used brick trim to continue the look of the house. Before, it was pink cinder block (think prison walls, and they matched the pink paint--arrgh). The stairs curve, and the railing is the same color as our driveway gate. I'm already planting and hanging baskets!
In all the construction, I wanted to keep the natural boulders and enjoy their sheltering presence and the wildlife they harbor.

This next image is looking down into the patio at the eight-foot sliding door that replaced a small window. Great north light coming in now. Installed into the wall next to the soon-to-be-painted door is a lovely mosaic by artist Judy Wood. I have two of her pieces and love each one. I will add more sculptures to the yard and gardens in the years to come.

Here is the view you'd get if you were coming to a workshop, bringing your supplies. The patio opens off the two doors, and the seating walls on the planters will be great for breaks and for lunches outdoors. They'll be full of plants by February's workshop, and we'll have a table and umbrella out there, too. The metal sign near the top of the door reads "Welcome" on one side... and "Go Away" on the other... just a joke!

Between Ron's Honda and the pond, I'm working on a rose garden. There will be between 8 and 12 bushes in it, and by this spring, we ought to have some very fragrant roses growing there. Right now, the fall foliage is reflected in the koi pond on the front patio of the house. (The sand bags are only there because of the recent rains. )
So the upgrading of the yard and studio continues, and all will be finished by the workshops next year. I'm so pleased that this will be ready, and I couldn't share it until it was.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in 2008!

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