Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13 - Limoges

Tonight's painting is of a Limoges sugar bowl and creamer that has been in the family since my grandmother was married--before 1900.  This dark blue and silver inlaid set has always been visible somewhere in our house as I grew up.  Today was also my mother's memorial service, and my brother put together a fifty minute video of images spanning over seventy years of my mother's life and marriage to my dad.  Their three kids, and extended grandkids and great grandkids gathered today to celebrate and remember.  I'm drained from the emotional content--brought to tears by so many things I'd never seen and achingly missing the past.  Poignantly sad at the finality of the images I've seen, I'm still filled with the wonderfulness of the legacy my parents created.  
  Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.
  Original oil, 9 x 12 inches on canvas. 

Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12 - Doberman in the Sun

"Catching the Warmth" Basking in the sunshine, the old dog, called "Reddog" rested just this way, dozing in the sunshine. Reddog was a rescue I saved from Long Beach and he lived to be a good old boy for seven years until his heart gave out. Typical of the American Doberman temperament, he was a sheep in Dobie clothes, without a mean bone in him. Lovingly sent to the Rainbow Bridge over ten years ago today. Nine by 12 oil on board backed canvas. Only for sale to someone who'll love him. Already SOLD.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 11 - Pygmy Goat

"King of the Little Hill" Petting zoos. What can I say? They might be filled with doting parents of tiny tykes running up and hugging the tolerant creatures, but I cannot pass one by without going in and saying "hi" to the residents therein. This guy was about 14 inches tall, but met me at eye level (I think to escape the short people) and so I took his picture. I love goats. Today I spent a few hours in the goat pens cleaning house and setting up a new feeder. Got my exercise, and also a focus for a good Thursday painting. I hope you enjoy him! Original oil, 9 x 12 inches, US $100 unframed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10 - Cowgirl at Work

"Babysittin' for Better Wages" I used to babysit many years ago (made me realize I really didn't want to have children), and since I have always loved being on the back of a horse to changing diapers, I painted this painting. This better version is for sale for $550 unframed, but I plan on exhibiting it at my one artist show opening on May 19 in the Temecula Community Theater.
Now, for artists, this painting used to be on my site in an earlier form, and it was done when I was still working with the color system. This 16 x 12 oil painting still has the Color System in it, but I have a much more subtle hand in using it. See if you can figure out what I changed, and why. I repainted about 75% of it. I hope you enjoy the changes, for here's the old one:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9 - Clydesdale Foal

"Joi de Vivre" Back to painting my beloved horses!  This painting, an original oil, depicts the absolute joy of living that horses, especially young ones, seem to have in great abundance.  I like the cocked head, the feeling as he catches your eye, as he glances back at you, that you and he share the life force of living, and you both know it.  This is a young Clydesdale foal, one of the heavy draft horse breeds, and I really, really enjoyed painting it.  I don't normally do "head shots", as there are so many artists who can do them incredibly well.  But somehow this fellow caught my eye, from part of a photograph I took while at the Draft Horse Classic.  Six by six inches, on gallery wrap (no frame needed). SOLD

Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8 - Drawing of My Folks

"Herald Tribune" Some days I create art purely for myself.  Today was one of those days.  A major switching of gears, too, as this is neither oil nor acrylic, but Conte crayon on Stonehenge paper (usually used for silk screen printing)!  It depicts my Mom and Dad on one of their many trips, Mom with her crossword puzzle in the newspaper and both with characteristic hats, somewhere where there were glaciers.   I can say that paintings get "into my head" and need to be released to make room for more.  This one came into my head because near our dining room table is a photograph of my folks in a more traditional pose, hanging on the wall by the bookcase.  I've been looking at it during every sit-down meal, and the idea to draw them has surfaced more than once as I glanced at it.  I used to draw all the time, and enjoy it for its quickness and mark making.  Looking at the photograph and also the drawing, I like this more relaxed one much better.  Original drawing,  17 x 16 inches. Staying in the "Collection of the Artist".

Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 7 - Kiko Goat Buck

"Got Goat?" Things link together in the strangest ways. Today I returned a milk goat and her kids to the lady who has provided all our goats, and am in the same turn contacted by an owner of this buck goat (one doesn't call them "billy" goats) for their marketing. Kiko goats are an unusual breed from New Zealand and are known for their hardiness and large size. Since I have a pack goat, and today was definitely a goats day, this Kiko buck is now on canvas. Original oil, 12 x 9 inches. $220