Saturday, April 29, 2006

April 29 - My Husband's Portrait

"Aikido en Esposo" My beloved husband, finally painted in a way he appreciates and with my assuredness that I won't botch it up, he appears in the traditional dress of the Akido man in balance. I will need to add the Japanese characters to the upper left, when I receive them (I'm here, he is there, and I don't have them here.) Original oil, 20 x 10. Not for sale.

Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28 - Sunset's Last Light

"Last Light" Sitting an art show is NOT my favorite thing. I would rather be doing something, and so of course, I paint. This little oil is completely out of my head (some of my collectors agree--she's out of her head) and is exercise in capturing the evening light of a sunset. Fun. I've already started tomorrow's painting--my husband! Original oil, 7 x 5. $100

Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27 - Suzanne from Life at Hart Park

"Suzanne at Hart Park" I mentioned that I had received flowers right after my mother passed away, and they were from Suzanne and David. I have always wanted to paint her, and today I had the opportunity, as she was in attendance at our Women Artists of the West and always a cheerful and funny lady. I never knew she was so fidgety until I needed to capture her in one pose! It's going to be given to David when he comes to the Park Saturday to play guitar with the Lost Canyon Rangers. I think he'll be surprised. As for me, it is pure pleasure to paint another nice painting from life. Original oil, 12 x 9.
SOLD (Actually a gift.)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26 - William S. Hart Park

"Hart Park (from my camper window)" What a long day! Pulling the trailer to Hart Park, with 55 boxes for the show in it, unloading and organizing the panels and unpacking the boxes. Whew. I'm parked beside the hall for the duration of the show, in my camper. Tonight, after chasing everyone out and locking the gate, I have the whole place to myself until tomorrow morning. William S. Hart Park is beautiful, rugged and with the recent rains, very lush. The evening sun just came through to light the grass before clouds chased the scene into twilight. Original oil, 9 x 12. US $225

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25 - Greek Island Painting

"Lost Child" I got a call a few weeks ago from an arts organizer saying there was one of my paintings still hanging and would I like to come get it? I did, and discovered this gem--well, it wasn't a gem 'til I got it back in the studio and tweaked it after not seeing it five years (!). This is one of my Greek boat series, and one of the few I still have--perhaps because it was a "lost child" for so many years. The color in a Greek island wharf is something. All the houses are white, so the boats carry the color. Original oil, 14 x 18, found again. US $425 to give it a permanent home.

Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24 - Dog Commission, Posthumous

"Fritz" I had the pleasure of meeting Fritz in his later years, the dog of a long-time friend. Fritz is gone now, having done his service in raising a young boy and taking care of his family. This commission is an opportunity to bring his spirit back for a small moment to light up the dark place of sadness we all have when we lose one of these very special animals. Fritz' portrait is a 12 x 9 commission, and will be delivered to the Bay Area in a couple of weeks.
Commission, will yours be next?
Comment from Collector: "I just saw Fritz & can hardly type because I'm crying. You did a wonderful job in capturing him & the setting is perfect. Michael is going to love it. Thank you so much!"

Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23 - A Rose from the Garden

"A Rose is A Rose" Out to the garden after a wonderful dinner with my sister and brother and spouses, brother is a gourmet cook and does amazing things with food.  So the plans move forward on Mom's memorial, and we enjoyed a wonderful, laughter-filled evening.  Earlier today I had noticed one of my beloved Grenada roses coming into bud, and so when we returned home, I cut it and have painted it for you on this 6 x 4 oil.  Interesting, in painting it, I wanted to really push the paint and put a lot more paint on the surface, but I haven't broken through to that level yet.  I will, though.  
  As artists, we are constantly (ought to be anyway) testing our limits of expression.  We ought never to paint the same thing twice.  I look at work I did years ago, and see tremendous growth and change (sometimes, "Egad, did I really paint ulp!").  The more you create, the more depth can get into your work.  Even when I lift brushes this late at night, I never forget that each work is a stepping stone to new ways to express my vision.