Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 - Starting to find edges, Oil of Polo Ponies

In looking at the difference between this and my last posting, the changes may not be that large. I am working on the horse trailer and the grasses, bring them subtly up in details which will support the details yet to come on the horses. I know that these small endeavors are necessary so that when I work on the horses, they will end up surpassing the details I put in now.

On other news, the weather is giving me a taste of Spring to come, with a lovely 84-degree day today. Here's a photo of me taken this morning on a hike with a group of friends. Behind me is the mountain of Box Springs, and my home is directly behind me at the base of it. Beautiful way to spend some free time! I know there may be more rains to come, but a day like this puts me on top of the world. Tomorrow more on the painting... yes, details!

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