Saturday, January 07, 2006

January 7 - The Fields of Perris

On my way up to my Mom's with my husband, I looked to the left and saw the sunset at the end of this day, full of light and warm breezes for January. Like my mother, who at age 98 is in failling health, although with all her mind intact, it is the sunset of her life as well. An amazing woman, I am blessed to have been her daughter. I will miss her terribly.

Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6 - The Young Spinner

Riffling through photgraphs from days past, I came across this spinner of wool, a model that I posed in a chair, and just loved the way the light fell across her form. None but to paint it, this time in oils. I did another one, several years ago, with more background and detail in acrylics as a true miniature--it sold within hours of being finished. Also won an award. But those were miniature days. This is a 7 x 5 on linen attached to board. I like its "J. S. Sargent" looseness!
These late night painting sessions are doing me good--I have no cognizant mind to make painting laborious. Love it, completely. Who would have figured?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

January 5 - White Mountain Memories

The artist's mind here. sometimes the trigger for a subject is an unexpected contact. I had a great phone conversation with Betty Billups, and we talked about Arizona in October--where I plan to go again to listen to the elk bugling and the aspens turning color. So what else to paint today but a memory of last October?
I did look over some photographs from Del Mar, and figure there are some more horse paintings coming off my brushes in the days to come.
This one is 7 x 5 inches, in oil.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 4 - Fishing Buddies

Another big painting. This time using my "old" system of five colors plus white... had to see if I could keep the hand fresh with these limited colors:
Titanium White
Cadmium Red Light
Cadmium Yellow Light
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue
Thalo Green
Yup. Still can mix those colors!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

January 3 - Pasture Light #2

My mom's in a skilled nursing facility after falling the day after her 98th birthday... I'm painting big to stay sane. Busy, working on so many projects, most related to the DVD, and now my priorities shift as I am drawn back and forth as the one on the papers for medical care for her.
So I paint big. Big brushes and big marks... cleansing somehow. This is a 24 x 30 inch canvas, and I love the color and time of day.

Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2 - On Alert

I love painting cats. They just seem to be so "together" with their lives. No discomfort about where they fit in, and no self esteem issues!
"On Alert" The studio cat Pesto has figured out that slow-moving winter flies are the ultimate play toy. There was one in the house today, and that focused look the cat gets is fun to capture. Original oil on stretched canvas, 6 x 4 inches. I changed her color, because I can't keep on painting patch calico cats!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1 - Looking to the Future

The first painting of 2006. Interesting that in doing these paintings now, it is almost as though I have no choice--what comes into my head MUST be painted. I am feign to say that this image is very close to my soul... I have spent a good portion of my life looking to the Heavens for guidance and contemplation. Sitting outside, in many places around the world, always seeing the constancy of the stellar constellations no matter where I was...and here, at 57, painting my interpretation with a self portrait. Somehow appropriate for the new year. Just 7 x 5 inches... a true "Pocket Painting".