Saturday, February 06, 2010

Feb 6 - Finished the Acrylic "Dog Walkers"

Compare this image with my last posting, and you'll se some VERY important changes, but those changes might not even be noticeable at first glance. That's the beauty of the artist's eye--the subtleties that we are aware of because of our training, years of comparing and contrasting what we want versus what is already on that flat surface. The changes just HAD to be done. I still think this one should have gotten into the Art Show at the Dog Show, but when they are "show" people, perhaps they ahve a different outlook on dogs in general My paintings of the shelter cast offs didn't receive merit there, however YOUR response to that series made my day. So art shows are one good venue for exposure, but ought not be the end-all-be-all for measuring one's artistic competence.

I'm going to share with you the source material for the second painting (the acrylic) that's in the new DVD coming out "Misty Light and Overcast Days" in the Colorful Painting Series. Since this one has acrylic paint on it, too, I have had to drop the "Oil" out of the title! It is a composite (roughly assembled in Photoshop) of a 100% wolf that belongs to an acquaintance. Three images of the same wolf makes for an interesting composition, and you can bet I'll be adding to and changing it for good "painterly" execution. It's going to be on a 16 x 20 linen canvas.

On other fronts, I've shared with you news of moving, my horses and dogs, and many aspects of my life. So perhaps you would like to know the most recent. Tonight (Saturday evening) I'm home solo yet again, which will be an ever-increasing condition due to my spouse's declaration of having been and needing to love more than one female. While I have been adjusting to these "discoveries", I realize I am living in a "murky, complex, bizarre chaos" of an artistic life. There is nothing ordinary about the full life of an artist, and I am coming to realize that many choices I have made will never be "ordinary". Fraught with the magnitude of this side-swipe to my daily existence, I have positioned myself as an observer/bystander as these events unfold while I weigh my options.

Yes, that's why I was erratic in posting for the last couple months. Even the death of my mother (April 7-8, 2006, blog) didn't interrupt my painting. This did. Please withhold your comments as my strength comes from standing on a three-point solid base of focus, commitment and optimism. If I think I can lean on folks, I become unbalanced and off that base of strength. Not good, at least not right now. Know that I'm doing well, and continue to cope as things progress.

I am looking forward with great optimism to the workshop next weekend, the painting demonstration for Hemet next Wednesday, and the upcoming workshops in Georgia and Florida this April/May. And my heart swells with real affection I have for people (like you) who have been there for me for these almost FIVE YEARS!!! My goodness, time flies.

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