Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23 - Second Painting for the DVD Finished!!

Finished! Amidst all the editing of the footage and clips from the first and second paintings for the new DVD, I thought I'd never get to the point where I could say the second one (twilight in acrylic) is finished. But here it is! A 16 x 20 acrylic, and every brush stroke, and I do mean EVERY brush mark, is on the tapes.

In filming and then editing this past couple of weeks, I realize that there is just TOO MUCH information for one DVD disk, so I'm putting everything and the kitchen sink on two disks for this fourth in the series. This will be great for me--as well as you--because I don't have to pare down the information I've captured on the digital media to fit on only one disk. I can use almost all of it (well, perhaps not the footage where the dog is drinking slurpslurpslurp behind me!). That will include a longer, more detailed slide presentation, and the special tips and tricks for advanced Color System users.

And on other news, a local fellow was moving and had no one to rehome his koi to, so I said I'd take 'em--now I have fifteen koi in the front patio pond, and wow... some are really big ones! Here's a shot taken the morning after they arrived...some already have names--the one on the lower left is "Titan(ic)". He's about 16 inches. The water is much clearer now than this photo, I'll have to take some new pictures tomorrow. Yes, there will be paintings... Who needs television when you can watch the fish channel?
I have spaces in the three-day Color Boot Camp here in November going on the block. You can check out my web page for workshops to find out more. When the snow flies where you are, California in November is paradise!

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