Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 16 - The Workshop Over, and New Work

Does this one look familiar? Ought to. It was around a few years ago in another life and another level of color knowledge. I've included the earlier version below and that'll allow you to see how making color changes as one's color knowledge improves can be freeing, pleasurable and just pure FUN!

During the workshop (Color Boot Camp!) last weekend, I used this 12 x 9 oil as a lesson in how to achieve color balance when faced with a problem painting. I brought this one into 2010 with better choices of hue in about 1/3 of the canvas. Can you tell where? Yes, the panniers got a makeover, but so did the sky and the shadows. It was a good lesson for the Boot Campers to see.

What's the value plan?
What time of day is it?
Is there a good value structure holding the painting together?
These three questions are good ones to have when you're either fixing a painting or beginning one.

The Mule is Sold, and will be going to it's new home next week.

Today my guest Michelle Walker and I will be plein air painting near Two Trees, and who knows how my brushes will behave? I know her company is joyful as she is really GOOD with color (heh heh....)

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