Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov 30 - Finished the DVD Misty Light Painting!

I've missed you ALL, and am back! Life has settled down and I'm painting again, and I so appreciate your emails asking how things were going. Here is the finished painting for the DVD on Misty Light and Rainy Days (title still up in the air). I'll be starting the seond painting this week, and will continue to fill your email with its progress. Then the editing and master disk to the duplication service, and this one will be finished--the FOURTH in the Color System DVDs.

I never even opened the warm box for this painting, and I believe that the time of day is effectively conveyed by just the subtle use of the lovely grays--green, red, orange, purple and the earth tones to accent. Misty morning light with NO distinct light source, nor strong shadows. I'm pleased wiht it, and can hardly wait to start the next one!

The workshop in November was a rousing success (I'll post some of the demos and images from that one in the week ahead) and I'm scheduling another three day Color Boot Camp in February of next year. Lots of good art and learning comes from these sessions, so if you can make the time (three and a half days), you'll definitely be a beneficiary of the "CS". HA!

Now it is back to the easel to get the digital tapes and set up for the next painting. Yippee! I'm Baaaaaack!

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