Monday, March 02, 2009

Mar 2 - Mt. Rubidoux - Plein Air Paint Out

From Carlson Dog Park, I looked up in evening light to see the cross on the top of Mt. Rubidoux, here in Riverside. I'd taken Sparky and Onslow to the park for some much-needed socialization time, and yet I had my plein air gear and couldn't resist this evening view of the mountain that embraces the city of Riverside.
This is an 8x8 canvas, cut down AFTER I painted it from an 8x10. It's done in acrylics, and with the palette of the Color System that conveys evening light--but a softer side, since the cross and the mountain are messaging a gentler feel. It still has the characteristic orange and alizarin where needed, but whispered rather than shouted into the lights and shadows. $295 with a lovely custom frame in silvery gray-blue.

You've commented that these have no signatures, and why? Because for this competition, one oor more of the paintings could end up in the Riverside Art Museum show, and for that venue, they've asked that we submit unsigned work at the judge's request. It's a bit odd, but we can do that. Ones that are not selected will be signed this week.

The only workshop this spring that still has spaces is the Florida one at the wonderful Carriage Park near Ocala. I hope there are future Boot Campers reading this, and that you'll find one of those spots for your learning time. I don't think I'll be coming east after this year--for at least a year, so this one in May and Maine in September are your only opportunitites to be "drilled" with the Color System at Color Boot Camp!

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