Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mar 3 - More Details on the Polo Ponies OIl, 16 x 20

The "Color Punch" begins to show up now! The difference between this stage and the earlier one may be minor in square inches, but it is major in pulling the color design toward the finished state. These few brush marks on the backs of the horses bring out the message of light and value difference (also color temperature difference) that need to happen to make this painting work. There is still much more to do, however seeing these few brush marks may help to show how the Color System works. There is no lighter value than the sunlight on the gray horse. There is no stronger edge (or will be) than the topline near that horse's tail.

If there is a strong edge elsewhere, it will be compromised by little value change, no temperature change, or act as a subordinate "supporting" edge in the design, and not be as important.

I've put a smaller image of the prior stage to show you how much those marks change the dynamics of the design of the painting. Suddenly there is "punch" whereas before it was just a nicely coming along painting.

When we as artists want to control where the viewer's eye goes, our tools are straight from the design box. Here I'm using value change, edge hardness and temperature difference to force your eye to go to that horse, even thought the rest of the painting may be visually interesting. While I continue to paint from this important step, I will be ever mindful that the gray's back as my focal point. No edge or contrast will be as strong as that area. Now on to finish this beastie!

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