Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 22 - Plein Air Week in Riverside

Victoria Avenue in Riverside is one of the most lovely routes through a beautiful city. Today I joined the Plein Air Artists of Riverside who were sited along its length painting on location as part of the Plein Air Paint-Out, through next weekend.

This is a 16 x 24 acrylic, and I completed it in about two hours. The weather was overcast, and no distinct light source defined any shadows. I didn't EVEN open the warm boxes of the Color System! I kept having to lift Sparky and walk into the ivy every time a Sunday dog walker would come by. The little protector was "on duty!"

And I had every plan to photograph this one while I painted it, but just did a head-slap about three-fourths of the way through when I remembered I wanted to do it! I will for the next few works during this competition week, giving you an idea of how they come together. Just be assured that this painting was completely done with only six colors and white--the Cool Box in my Color System--those pill boxes with paint!

The Color Boot Camp workshop last weekend was a great success. Two painters wrote about it, saying the following:
"Who would have thought that the "color system" would be much more than just color. It gives us a formula/map to keep us on track. And it helps us reaffirm our values through the correct color choices. Thank you so much, Elin. You are an amazing teacher. I cannot believe the energy and INFORMATION you put into your classes." - Pat Corbin Chao

“Elin taught us the practical applications of her Color System with bright, lively lectures and our indentured servitude to paint, paint and paint. Elin says that "painting is a journey" and I feel like I'm just starting off on the trail. For those of us that are just figuring out all of the painting stuff, there is an enormous benefit to using the Color System. If you don't know it, take a look. And if you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, don't hesitate. It's a blast!
And you'll learn a whole bunch to boot!” - Randy Smith

There are still spaces in the East Coast workshops--you get FIVE FULL DAYS of the Color System, and "Yellin' by Elin" in the Color Boot Camp.

Congratulations to new collector Ray Castenada of Miami, Florida on his purchase of two 16 x 20 still life paintings from my web site!

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