Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apr 12 - One of the Two Finished Acrylics

I had the pleasure of judging not one, but TWO shows this past week. The first one is at the Pendleton Roundup, "In the Company of Cowgirls" and had some amazing art by women artists in it. The second show, juried just today, is the Plein Air painting of historical sites in Redlands, California, showing at the Redlands Art Association Gallery on State Street.
It is such an honor to see such worthy endeavors, and have the pleasure of picking the winners.
Original "Spring"
12 x 16 Acrylic on Panel
April 12 - Finished the Two, here's one!
First of the two paintings, animated for your learning.  I do hpoe that you're able to see and enjoy this animated image of one of the two finished paintings. Nothing I've ever done before shows how the painting is brought to its completed state like this! OH! What we learn to do with a computer and software!
Take some time and look at idfferent areas of the painting to get an understanding of how each area of the painting is developed. This, better than any long diatribe, will show you how I work as an artist.
This is the 12 x 16 acrylic of the mare and foal that began with the warm underpainting. Tomorrow I'll share the second one, with the blue underpainting (If you let me know you like this "in stages" image?).
Workshop information is HERE.
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And on Other News....
Oh, the garden is in, beans are up, corn is about five inches, and there are already tomatoes! Several of you asked how I can find time to garden the way I do, and that's because I mulch everything. There are at least two big compost piles cooking away near the sheep and horse pens, and that's moved up to the garden along with the cleanout straw from the loafing pen where Vince and the sheep reside. I don't "till" regularly, and after the mulch does its work, I hardly have to fertilize, either. I'll post updated images tomorrow.

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