Saturday, October 09, 2010

Oct 9 - Underpainting of a 7x5 Acrylic

The result of this underpainting is perhaps one of the best paintings I've made of Hawley Lake, and I really, REALLY didn't want to leave it at the gallery to be sold. Sometimes paintings do that to us. We experience something that moves us, and we wait until we are ready and able to put that feeling on a canvas. So it is with this tiny 7x5 panel.

The underpainting is all done in the Cool Box, as this is an overcast day (yippee! Those of you with DVD #4 will know all about that!). I've painted in the distant mountains and the lake and sky using the "Big Three"--Ultra. blue, alizarin and yellow ochre with white.

It will continue, with Ponderosa pines overlaid on this canvas and the focal point of a picnic table put in later (tomorrow). When it is overcast and even rainy at a place like this, I remember so well being forced to leave a Girl Scout camp when I was small because of the change of weather. I loved that rain at the edge of that Virginia lake, and wanted to stay for the overnight, but moms prevailed, and I was deprived of the magic of the misty day and the rain on the cabin roof. I have been forever changed by being pulled away from that event. I love rain and mist, and wonder what possessed me to live in a desert today?

I have been fascinated by the empty campground and the picnic tables, and took this image while walking with the dogs, and wanted to share it with you. This is such a manifestation of the solitude here. And the wind brought down a layer of pine needles to hide even the footprints of the summer campers. I tread softly...

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Oct 8 - The Next Painting, Paint The Aspens

Last time I was at Hawley Lake two years ago, I saw this single aspen much smaller in the midst of the Ponderosa pine forest that lines the lake. This year, the beauty was waiting for me dressed in her fine autumn colors, and I could do no less but bring out a 16 x 8 inch canvas to finally paint her.

The morning light was streaming through from the lake, creating cast shadows and tracery of light that is the structure for this moment in time. I love working in acrylics like this (and yesterday's, too) because of the quick drying time and the ability to layer. I painted in the blue glimpses of the lake in the background after putting in the dark shape of the trees--picking out the lake blue with my brush!

This one is framed and will be left at the gallery for the show, which opens on Friday night. I'll be driving back down the mountain by then. There are still two more paintings to share with you yet, even though when you get them, they'll be hanging in the gallery as well, and I'll be back home in Riverside.

At noon today I took this image of my camper next to the lake and meadow that have been my back yard for this week. The lake water is crystal clear--and that bobber you see on the lower left enticed me to go wading to retrieve it. Silly me! The water was COLD at 8,200 feet!

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oct 7 - Revisions when we get smarter

On Tuesday evening, I listened to the critique given by the judge for Paint the Aspens as about eight of us put our work up for the "dice and slice". For me it was wonderful to be reminded yet again how important design is to making good paintings, and I vowed to go back and revise the painting that I shared with you yesterday. Here's the revision, and the areas that needed work are fixed. It still isn't a dynamic work, but it was a good "warm up" for the painting days ahead. Can you see the differences between it and yesterday's? They are major! (Besides taking out the repeating three little pines.)

I've been staying at Hawley Lake for the past couple of days (scheduling yesterday's posting to come to you even though I'm not there to send it). Paintings coming off the brushes have pleased me immensely... and the joy of staying in an almost-deserted campground are not only reflected in the number of paintings, but also in the joy that Sparky and Willow exude when let loose to run off energy!

Somewhere on an earlier walk, Willow lost her chain now she runs by Hawley Lake with the old nylon one. If you enlarge this view, you'll see Sparky's legs are flat out as he tries to keep up with graceful Willow. What joy!!

Only one more night in this paradise, then I leave the White Mountains to return to the desert and another state below. My heart will stay here for a while, though...More paintings tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oct 6 - The first painting from Paint the Aspens

After the rain of yesterday, I headed out to Sunrise Ski Area and set up my gear along side SR117. Interestingly enough, this is an area where wildlife management has reintroduced wolves into the region. I didn't see any while I painted, but the dogs were v-eeer--rr-y interested in the smells alongside the road! (Yes, they were on leashes.)

What fell off my brushes was this view back the way I'd come, done in acrylics on an oddball size of 12 x 10 inches. I was trying to get a depth from foreground to midground by using the group of aspens on the left to bring the composition forward. I used solid gel mixed into the acrylics to get additional texture in the leaves and grasses, and it is very effective!

The color on this isn't accurate, as there is no purple in the sky, and the intensity of the aspens isn't showing. I'll use my other camera tomorrow and see if I can get a better image.

Camping at Hawley Lake last night was TOTALLY solo. The closest campers packed up and left after the rain, so there were no other campers, and I had the entire place to myself. The elk came out of rain-drenched hiding and their calls carried across the lake and into my soul as I sat by the fire and cooked bratwurst and potatoes in the flames. What a life!!

Talk about gorgeous light across the lake this morning...everywhere I look is a future painting. So peaceful.

When I get back, I have two art group demonstrations, almost back-to-back. One for Temecula and one for Corona. And even though I'm up here at 8,200 feet, I'm still sending out DVDs when I get into town and get the orders. Your packages will say "Sent from Paint the Aspens", if I mail it from here.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Oct 5 - Paint the Aspens!

Morning skies at Tonopah, Arizona, where I spent the night before coming up here to Pinetop for Paint the Aspens. Just look at those clouds and the clarity in distance. And of course, palm trees in the desert. Tonopah is home to El Dorado Hot Springs, and I try to adjust my traveling to make sure I stay over in this primitive camping spot. The spring water is wonderful!

This is my fourth year at Paint the Aspens--I love the high country before the snow flies and after most of the tourists are gone.

Here's my camp site this morning--it POURED last night--rain and hail on the camper woke me up at 3:00, and there were two startled dogs giving me the "Mom, what's up with THIS!!?!" look. I have Sparky and Willow with me. Niko is staying in Riverside.

Hawley Lake is in the background in this photo, and the smaller "lakes" are puddles from the downpour. I had a nice wood fire last night and cooked up some steaks and roasted ears of corn. Yum...

Rain is forecast--but up here, the rains come and are gone in half an hour, and the sun comes out in between. Lots of rainbows. I painted using acrylics out by Sunrise Ski Area today, and will post that painting tomorrow. I'm in the Pinetop Public Library sending this--are you enjoying the journey?

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