Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26 - Amicalola River Rock, this time in oil

Now, if you check back a couple days in my blog, you'll see that I painted this image once before--in acrylics! This is an oil version, done to demonstrate morning light as it falls on an area of the Amicalola River in Georgia, and those of you "Color Boot Campers" will recognize why it is so obviously morning light!

The subject lent itself to instructing on how to convey time of day when one doesn't have the sky to help out. And of course, it also validates why one's source material should not be the determination of which color to use! Notice the difference in handling the rock face in sunlight between the two paintings. This 12 x 16 oil is now in the hands of Mary Pless, of Dunwoody, Georgia.

And also here's an image of the wonderful facility at Fay's for workshops! We're all working away at our easels, and there are halogen spotlights above each table! That's Sue (retired art teacher from Florida) on the left, painting moonlight in her inimitable style. The reproductions on the walls are Richard Stone Reeves' work. And all above the horse stalls below! No "roughing it" here!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24 - Paintings from Georgia and... Puppy!

I'm just now getting around to posting the work from the Georgia workshop. It's been a full week, accented by the arrival of one of those airport colds when I came home--nasty stuff, and being under the weather glued to a tissue box meant I could only scan the web for.... what else? A rat terrier puppy, like Lizzie. And tenacious as I am, I found many.

The one that just stole my heart for a myriad of reasons is a short-legged, type B Teddy Roosevelt terrier, and "Onslow" will be coming back with me from Chicago in November. Of course I need to share his picture with you!

Now that the puppy news is out of the way, let me say that the workshop in Georgia was WONDERFUL! I'm coming back, looks like the second week of May of next year to do a reconnaisance mission to get those Boot Campers back on track, and add a few more Boot Camp Masters to the ever-growing list. You might mark your calendars and contact me if you'd like to be on a waiting list for the official announcement.

I'll post pictures from the workshop in tomorrow's email (thanks Fay!), along with another painting. Oh, yes, the "Bessie" oil above was done as part of the lecture and demonstration for the evening, almost sunset light, and is a 5 x 7 oil. It's in the hands of new collector Cheri Burchard of Dawsonville, Georgia.

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