Monday, July 12, 2010

Jul 12 - More Art and the Cooper's Hawk Improving

Painting on location is a wonderful way to learn to SEE and to capture a moment in time, with the freshness of brushwrok that eludes many artists when working in the studio. So it is for me. On location paintings just seem to resonate with the energy of the moment. It tests one's ability to paint with swiftness and surety, and hones the skills of "getting it right the first time".
This 12 x 12 oil was painted in the center of the road during the Women Artists of the West Quick Draw last month. I didn't even remember taking this image of its finished state--it SOLD the moment I hung it, to one of the board members of the museum where we had our show. I received the check last week, and it reminded me that I'd done it--and did I have an image of it? Well, I did.

The great news on the Cooper's Hawk is that he's eating raw chicken from proffered tongs. He ate almost two eggs (cooked) yesterday, so his prognosis continues to improve. Here's an image of him just about ready to snap up that bit of chicken. No, I'm not worried about him gouging me--he makes no defensive moves unless I touch his feet (which I don't!) I feed him three times a day, all he'll take. I also spritz him with water which he swallows as it hits his face. He does have a water dish, but is not used to it, and probably doesn't drink much--getting moisture from the meat.

He is starting to regain the coordination lost through the poisoning, now able to move about the cage, although he still rests often and cannot stand on his feet yet.

This morning his mate (or parent) came and sat on the cage, spreading his/her wings and tail to shield him. Aren't they beautiful and formidable at the same time? You can see the healing hawk below the protective parent/mate. I'm thinking now that this may be the juvenile from this year's nest--which would explain how easy it is to feed him. He is adult sized, though.

Interesting that just a couple weeks ago I was bemoaning the loss of some of my young chicks to these guys, and now I'm feeding them chicken meat to heal 'em up. Life moves in odd ways.

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