Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 31 - End of a Really Interesting Year

One of the most enjoyable things about getting to the end of a year is looking back over the events and choices I've made during the past twelve months and either laughing or crying over the results.  Call it a place to evaluate and a place to assess one's choices, it really IS a place for reflection and organization, prior to moving forward.  So it is now on this evening of the last day of 2010.

I've started a 9 x 12 acrylic of the SAME view I did a year ago, and share with you the lay-in of the large abstract structure as I plan out the lights and darks of this acrylic exercise.  I'm so impressed by the skylines of tracery tree twigs and will be doing my best to interpret those in this landscape, photographed prior to the huge snowfall.

With a couple of glasses of wine in me tonight, and company waiting downstairs, there won't be any more painting tonight.  I raise my glass in your direction instead (white merlot--a lovely blush wine) with wishes for your peace and happiness in 2011.  I plan on a few more glasses before the night is over and the new year is upon me.  Lots of laughter coming up the stairs from family and friends below, and I will join them shortly.

I went into New York City today to photograph "Diva", the installed glass from the last project finished by WoodJanssen, my friend Ron Wood's architectural art glass.  It is stunning in the lobby of 2 Lincoln Square, right across from the famous Lincoln Center, here in New York City.  It is totally impossible to show you how beautiful this installed art glass is through photography. I was completely frustrated in trying to get the colors and beauty of this art glass installation on camera!  This one will have to do... amAZING to see it in person....

And to finish out this evening's email, I thought I'd enclose an image of my nephew's home here in New Jersey, bathed in the incredible evening glow that happens with such impunity here in these northern latitudes.  Walking the dogs tonight gives me gifts beyond compare.  May your visual gifts be so easily recognizable now and in 2011. I am so grateful for all the good fortune I have been enjoying for this past year, your friendship and contact, and the joy of knowing you value these emails.

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