Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec 22 - The Snow Scene Finished (Acrylic) and the MET

What a day... I finished up the 12 x 9 acrylic (shown here) of the snow scene on the dog walk day. It didn't take too much to bring it to a finished state from yesterday's phase--just more layers of filmy color and caligraphic lines.

I then went to the most magnificent museum I have ever experienced! The Metropolitan Musuem of Art in New York City rocked my socks off--with hundreds of paintings and sculptures, it was as if I were visiting some very old friends from my art history courses.

First I headed straight for Rosa Bonheur's "The Horse Fair", because seeing it in the flesh is an incomparable experience. This painting is huge, and one of the unsung main attractions of the museum in my opinion. And I saw four Vermeers, one I hadn't known about, several Van Gogh's, and Monet's paintings of Rouen cathedral, haystacks and water lilies. I was overwhelmed after three hours, and had to leave... I wonder if I can return before I depart and see more of the other exhibits? I don't know. I'm just reeling from the visual input.

There were two more exhibits, one on Samurai weaponry, and the second one on American genre paintings, which included several Winslow Homer pieces. I was in Heaven!

I encourage anyone who has time to visit their local museums and see real art "up close and personal". It can change your life! Here's a closeup of Monet's haystack--check out the subtle colors in the entire area, especially the shadows! Wow!

Speaking of that, my workshop schedule is updated with the FOUR new workshops scheduled for 2010. Please check THAT out!

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