Monday, January 03, 2011

Jan 3 - Continuing Into the New Year

This painting is interesting to me because it is developing in a different way than most of my earlier acrylics.  Oh, yeah, the layers are there, and the underpainting of an opposite temperature mid value.  I'm just being more careful in thinking about where I'm putting the values and those cool colors.

This is most probably due to the continuing influence of Lanford Monroe's paintings.  Those of you not familiar with her work ought to peruse "Homefields", the book authored by her husband.  Beautiful reproductions of many of her paintings are in between those covers!  I especially enjoy how she manages the Cool Box colors in her overcast days. 

This little 9 x 12 is just a study developing, but I'm enjoying every moment of its creation.  It's a journey....

My trip to the New Jersey forested area is about to end, and I'm heading back to California tomorrow.  It's been a wonderful visit, so full of love and family support.  Onslow will miss me, since he's been with Sparky and me every night, but he has a wonderful life here, and making him a part of my nephew's family has been good for him.  I'll miss him too!

On other news, the only East Coast Workshop that has any spaces is now filling up in Central Florida.  There are already "repeat offenders" ready to get back into a Color Boot Camp there.  We're finalizing dates for my return this year... stay tuned if you'd like a spot.  The Georgia workshops for folks starting out with the Color System are full--there "might" be a space for repeat offenders in the advanced one.  Let me know if you're interested!

I'm also doing a workshop in Riverside for the AAEA in April.  And there'll be a three-day Color Boot Camp in March in Riverside, too.  I have to finalize dates for that one.

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