Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 26 - Let it Snow! Blizzard and Fabricritter!

The blizzard of New Jersey is blowing great gobs of light snow, thickly layering the wonderful neighborhood of Ridgewood.   I have enjoyed the beauty and cold weather of this trip, taking the three dogs out for "walkies" before the storm moved in.  It's amazing how it has changed completely from the image of the creek (below) on my morning walk to the early evening image further down.  With three dogs behind me waiting, expectations of me shoveling a place for the them to get out and do their "thing" this evening, it was quite a difference.  It is still coming down, and my last shoveling moved over a foot of snow off the patio.  I just looked and all that was for naught, as the cleared place for short legs has completely been obliterated.

I love snow.  Always have.  Since I don't have the regular schedule of working five days a week, I can enjoy it for what it is, and even get out and DO stuff in it with my good health.

Now let's look at the Carousel Horse.  I've started to add the fabric swatches, choosing values and colors to fill the spaces behind the central horse.  I've used matt medium (acrylic "glue") to hold down the fabric, and it works GREAT!  It's a lot like making a crazy quilt, but without all the stitching.

Where did these fabrics come from?  My aunt was a quilter, and when she passed, she left a 16 x 20 room with floor to ceiling bolts of cotton quilting cloth.  Amazing.  I took what I loved, and then added a lot of upholstery fabric swatches to the supplies.  I still have several boxes of fabric swatches and "fat quarters" from my aunt's inventory.

Brrr... stay warm!!

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