Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec 27 - Three Feet and Shoveling

 The carousel horse is continuing with more paint and fabric swatches covering the background.  I love the surprises that happen when I pick a swatch for one reason, put it down, and then realize there was more going on than I anticipated.  Look behind the pole to see the floral patterned dark blue creating a texture of colors I wouldn't/couldn't think to paint in there.  Enhancements like that are an added gift to the process.

Again, the process is to cut fabric and using the matte medium (or gloss, or the gels from Golden or Liquitex), to paint the canvas with a healthy amount.  Then stick the fabric down and paint over it with paint-stained medium or  leave it to dry clear.

And wow, the word blizzard has been revitalized in my vocabulary again.  It SNOWED last night!  Oh yeah!  The first image is me in the back yard, surrounded by anxious small dogs while I shovel down to some grass for them.  My left hand is showing you just how DEEP the show actually is.  Why am I shoveling in the back yard? I'm making a pot-spot for those short-legged pups to go. They showed no interest in chasing anything into the wall of snow three times their height.  I shoveled around the house to the front, with the trio of bark-barks following me.  I told 'em, "We're the Donner Party and no worries, we'll make it to the front without eating anyone." 

Last night at midnight I took the trio out before bed, and Sparky, being an inexperienced California dog, rushes down the front steps, off the last one and... disappears!!  A  black nose poking up out of the snow is all we saw.  He couldn't even touch the ground, and floundered and swam back to the steps.  Learning experience.

This morning I helped my nephew and his son clear the driveway so eventually a car can go out.  Sparky is below my feet, now clear on the concept of firm ground, but still not happy about cold and wet. 

Hope you're all staying warm and dry.

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