Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 28 - Skiing and the Rest of the Story

The carousel horse presented to you in his finished state, with over two-thirds of the canvas covered in fabric swatches.  I love the freshness of this way of working, adn when I return to California, I am going to "paint" more of these.  I include a detail image of the poll and mane to show you how the fabrics lend themselves to becoming the bridle on the horse.

The whole purpose in creating these fun pieces is to give the viewer some great times figuring out what is painted, and what is printed or woven.  Can you tell?

Other news... What a GREAT day skiing today!  You can see a new link to the movie coming down this east coast ski slope here.  This was a blue diamond run--I did the black runs but needed all my attention while going there.  Maybe next time I can hold the iTouch AND ski!

The small image is the view from the top of the top lift at Camelback Mountain.  Beautiful weather and not too many people!  Such fun driving with my 14 and 16-year old gran-nephew and niece and their mother up and back--not far, and the roads were clear and dry, contrary to the news from NYC boroughs being not so good--roads there are still not plowed. 

And since I figured out how to make this work, I thought I'd share the video of Camelback skiing.  From coast to coast this year, snow in California and Pennsylvania!

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