Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec 29 - Doing the Right Thing

 Sometimes it's hard to find a gift of value to present to those we care about.  Gifts of value to ourselves, as in "worthy" to give.  What I have to offer people is not measured in monetary value, since I don't make a habit of shopping at Nordstrom's.  And sometimes there is not anything I can do or say to someone who has experienced a profound change in their life.  So it is with my nephew's wife.  She lost her mother last July, and most of you know I also lost mine during the daily paintings.  (April 4-6, 2006 in the archives). 

Knowing I was coming to New Jersey to visit, and on a more limited budget without the material gifts of the holiday, I brought my paints and my ability and a plan.  On Christmas Eve, when everyone else was in the Land of Nod, I painted this 12 x 9 acrylic image of Anne Agnew from a black and white image provided by her granddaughter.   She received it on Christmas day, and her father paid me the highest compliment by saying it was as if she was with them in the room.

Sometimes the gift must always move forward.  Enough said.

On another note, I thought you'd enjoy seeing where the three terriers spend "the rest of the story" whilst not out in the three-times-my-height snow.

Gotta love the opportunistic pups, zonked and conked out!

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