Friday, August 21, 2009

aug 21 - sparky sneaks da keibard enne camper

mom left for a few monutes so i am typn this to you to tell my stori. i cant hit the shift key and type so it wil be in these little letters. i no better but when you be small and a dog that is da way it goes.

we four --mom, me, onslo and the old dog--went for long walks over the dunes 'n' i found so much to smell 'n' see. even on the rope things i cud get my nose in places. beach places smel gud.

mom made da leaky face again when we were at that bell tower thing.

then the next day it was drive and drive more--i hate that part--i hides in mom's elbo alla da way. now we be on the beach in a place she calls ocean-o, but i no see any beach, jsut sand. lots other dawgs too, an lotsa horses, too. bark

be4 we left --bet you dint no i cud do numbers like dat, mom spent time taking us down to nother beach, where dere was water. i played wit onslo an' mom painted da sunny ocean and all be4 we left.

here is da pichur out da back windo of da camp thing wit da bell tower where she made leaky face. it be on da left side, see it, ya.

morrow we be home an' i like dat. uhoh here she come bak. bye

sparky da wonder dawg

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