Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aug 19 - The Workshop in Sebastopol

How I LOVE to paint mist and fog! Here's the demonstration acrylic painting for the Sebastopol workshop as a 12 x 16 example of fog adn mist on the California coast. I was over just north of Bodega Bay the day before and took some nice images while walking the dogs on the beach.

Because of the Color System, I used only the Cool Box colors to get these lovely grays and painted this while talking to the fourteen students in the workshop. I'm pleased with it, because getting the "feel" of a place is really high on my list of good paintings. Having sunk my shoes in the gravelly sand of this beach, I know that I caught the essence of the day. It pleases me....

Here's the source material (resized) from which I worked to make this painting in about 30 minutes... You can see how I changed and enhanced the colors in it by comparing. After I photographed the painting, I made some minor changes in the details, as well.

One more day of workshop, then a mini-vacation back on this beach before heading south to horses, husband and home. More paintings to come!

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Susan J. Moore said...

Thank you for the fabulous workshop & demo. I have learned more from you in 3 days than I learned from years of classes at the JC. I'm looking forward to being a "repeat offender" if you choose to head back up this way.
Susie Moore *google geyserville art)