Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 24 - Portrait of My Father

It had to happen. I'm finally ready to paint my father, and I will do so and also share with you some powerfully profound news. But first, the portrait. My dad passed away at age 91 from melanoma. Cancer, in its most insidious form, snuck up and took a man who could play golf and do 18 holes with the goal of "playing his age"--and he did, too, at least in his 80s.
Electrical engineer, ham radio operator, gentle yet strong, dry wit, wonderful provider as a career Naval officer, he tolerated my tom-boyish nature and patted me on the head when I did well.
It has been tough to live up to his expectations, but now I am the artist I need to be to start this 12 x 24 inch oil of him relaxing with an empty glass. "The sun's over the yardarm" in evening light. This is the initial drawing, over a toned warm ground of Australian Red Gold.

The profound news is that my husband was diagnosed last November with stage four cancer (inoperable). I could not share that with you and carry you on that journey--it would have been far too painful--until now. Today, and as of mid-March, he is cancer free. His success in following NON-TRADITIONAL protocols needs to be shared with the list, the world and hopefully other people will make similar choices to extend their lives and live well. I'll be sharing what he did, the web links and our story as I unfold this painting of my father. Had I known what I know now, and had my Dad made the choices that my husband has, he might be celebrating his 102nd birthday--he was that healthy before melanoma struck. More tomorrow.

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Victoria on Okinawa said...

I rejoice with you in this wonderful good news! and thank God it all worked out for good. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story!