Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug 20 - Evening in Sebastopol

I was camped in the end of the mobile home park in Sebastopol, California, and looked out over the fields to see the evening light bathing the distant trees. This oil 9 x 12 was done from the dining room table looking out over that vista and resulted in a fine example of evening light. I love getting back into my oils after a hiatus into the acrylics, since both media have attributes that appeal to me.
The evening fog comes in from the ocean, cooling down the night, leaving dew on the dry grasses of the open fields. Sebastopol is a small town with an atmosphere tempered by the hippies of the 70s and I love it here. Those hippies matured into the business owners and the city magistrate of today--creating an energized adn open environment for an organic, green lifestyle. Great place!

Today I'll be doing the demonstration for the great group of AWS friendly artists who inhabit this area. A small contingent of them were dancing in my camper last night after dinner to the Rolling Stones. What a party!

Yet tomorrow I head to the ocean, for a couple days of painting there before heading home. I've so thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, demonstrations and trip north.

This oil is already sold, sorry.

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