Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aug 18 - Bodega Bay and Nicholas Green

When I come to Bodega Bay, I manage to end up here on this stretch of open space beside Highway 1 where the community center is located, and I always walk down to the bell tower constructed in memory of Nicholas Green. This young boy was killed by a highway robber in Italy while traveling with his family. He was seven. His death was not in vain, for his folks donated his organs to seven Italians, and thus saved their lives in a gesture of forgiveness, acceptance and connectedness rarely seen nowadays. The bells on the tower are from towns all throughout Italy and offer thanks and a reminder to us to be kind to others when we can. I couldn't paint that memorial (not yet), so I did this small 8 x6 sketch of the road to the space where the bells sculpture stands. There's one of those August-blooming Pink Ladies on the left side....

Acrylic, done plein air beside my camper in Bodega Bay. And I'm reminded to be kinder to folks I meet...

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