Saturday, October 09, 2010

Oct 9 - Underpainting of a 7x5 Acrylic

The result of this underpainting is perhaps one of the best paintings I've made of Hawley Lake, and I really, REALLY didn't want to leave it at the gallery to be sold. Sometimes paintings do that to us. We experience something that moves us, and we wait until we are ready and able to put that feeling on a canvas. So it is with this tiny 7x5 panel.

The underpainting is all done in the Cool Box, as this is an overcast day (yippee! Those of you with DVD #4 will know all about that!). I've painted in the distant mountains and the lake and sky using the "Big Three"--Ultra. blue, alizarin and yellow ochre with white.

It will continue, with Ponderosa pines overlaid on this canvas and the focal point of a picnic table put in later (tomorrow). When it is overcast and even rainy at a place like this, I remember so well being forced to leave a Girl Scout camp when I was small because of the change of weather. I loved that rain at the edge of that Virginia lake, and wanted to stay for the overnight, but moms prevailed, and I was deprived of the magic of the misty day and the rain on the cabin roof. I have been forever changed by being pulled away from that event. I love rain and mist, and wonder what possessed me to live in a desert today?

I have been fascinated by the empty campground and the picnic tables, and took this image while walking with the dogs, and wanted to share it with you. This is such a manifestation of the solitude here. And the wind brought down a layer of pine needles to hide even the footprints of the summer campers. I tread softly...

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