Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oct 10 - The Best One

Here's the painting--a tiny 7 x 5 acrylic, and I just love it. The photograph doesn't show the subtle light grays in the mid ground, but it does show the variations on the lichen-covered rocks and vegetation in the foreground. Why do I love it? Memory reinforcement. This is a recreation of the memory I shared with you yesterday, and it is what makes artists who we are. We live, feel, and then it comes out of our brushes to visual results.

I don't want to sell this one, and almost pulled it from the four that are in Pinetop. But I realize that in making art, the sharing of the paintings is part of the connection I have to humanity. So these ones that are so meaningful to me must go on to others.

The underpainting didn't speak of what was coming, did it? The vision was in my head of what it would be... that's the hopeful optimism of an artist! And doing it is the practice that all artists must pursue to be able to effectively convey his or her vision.

The good news is that the workshop in November is now full, but I am taking a couple for wait listing. I won't have another workshop until March of next year, so this is a great time to get a snoot full of Color System! All have their supplies lists and I'm looking forward to teaching face-to-face (versus online courses at the college).

I do have a demonstration coming up on October 12 at Corona's Art Association. This will be at the Corona Heritage Park and Museum, at 510 Foothill Parkway in Corona. I'll have my new DVD there and will be painting a misty light painting in acrylics. I know the subject matter will be from my recent trip! Hope to see you there, or at the Temecula demo the following week on the 19th.

Did you notice that today is "10-10-10"? As dates go, this doesn't happen all that often. We get it for the first twelve years of a new decade. Then it is gone again, for 100 years. Wouldn't it be nifty to have been born on one of these unique dates?

Congratulations to new collector Shannon Hennigan of Penn Valley, California for her purchase of "In the Park", a 6x6 oil.

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