Friday, October 08, 2010

Oct 8 - The Next Painting, Paint The Aspens

Last time I was at Hawley Lake two years ago, I saw this single aspen much smaller in the midst of the Ponderosa pine forest that lines the lake. This year, the beauty was waiting for me dressed in her fine autumn colors, and I could do no less but bring out a 16 x 8 inch canvas to finally paint her.

The morning light was streaming through from the lake, creating cast shadows and tracery of light that is the structure for this moment in time. I love working in acrylics like this (and yesterday's, too) because of the quick drying time and the ability to layer. I painted in the blue glimpses of the lake in the background after putting in the dark shape of the trees--picking out the lake blue with my brush!

This one is framed and will be left at the gallery for the show, which opens on Friday night. I'll be driving back down the mountain by then. There are still two more paintings to share with you yet, even though when you get them, they'll be hanging in the gallery as well, and I'll be back home in Riverside.

At noon today I took this image of my camper next to the lake and meadow that have been my back yard for this week. The lake water is crystal clear--and that bobber you see on the lower left enticed me to go wading to retrieve it. Silly me! The water was COLD at 8,200 feet!

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