Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oct 7 - Revisions when we get smarter

On Tuesday evening, I listened to the critique given by the judge for Paint the Aspens as about eight of us put our work up for the "dice and slice". For me it was wonderful to be reminded yet again how important design is to making good paintings, and I vowed to go back and revise the painting that I shared with you yesterday. Here's the revision, and the areas that needed work are fixed. It still isn't a dynamic work, but it was a good "warm up" for the painting days ahead. Can you see the differences between it and yesterday's? They are major! (Besides taking out the repeating three little pines.)

I've been staying at Hawley Lake for the past couple of days (scheduling yesterday's posting to come to you even though I'm not there to send it). Paintings coming off the brushes have pleased me immensely... and the joy of staying in an almost-deserted campground are not only reflected in the number of paintings, but also in the joy that Sparky and Willow exude when let loose to run off energy!

Somewhere on an earlier walk, Willow lost her chain now she runs by Hawley Lake with the old nylon one. If you enlarge this view, you'll see Sparky's legs are flat out as he tries to keep up with graceful Willow. What joy!!

Only one more night in this paradise, then I leave the White Mountains to return to the desert and another state below. My heart will stay here for a while, though...More paintings tomorrow!

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