Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oct 6 - The first painting from Paint the Aspens

After the rain of yesterday, I headed out to Sunrise Ski Area and set up my gear along side SR117. Interestingly enough, this is an area where wildlife management has reintroduced wolves into the region. I didn't see any while I painted, but the dogs were v-eeer--rr-y interested in the smells alongside the road! (Yes, they were on leashes.)

What fell off my brushes was this view back the way I'd come, done in acrylics on an oddball size of 12 x 10 inches. I was trying to get a depth from foreground to midground by using the group of aspens on the left to bring the composition forward. I used solid gel mixed into the acrylics to get additional texture in the leaves and grasses, and it is very effective!

The color on this isn't accurate, as there is no purple in the sky, and the intensity of the aspens isn't showing. I'll use my other camera tomorrow and see if I can get a better image.

Camping at Hawley Lake last night was TOTALLY solo. The closest campers packed up and left after the rain, so there were no other campers, and I had the entire place to myself. The elk came out of rain-drenched hiding and their calls carried across the lake and into my soul as I sat by the fire and cooked bratwurst and potatoes in the flames. What a life!!

Talk about gorgeous light across the lake this morning...everywhere I look is a future painting. So peaceful.

When I get back, I have two art group demonstrations, almost back-to-back. One for Temecula and one for Corona. And even though I'm up here at 8,200 feet, I'm still sending out DVDs when I get into town and get the orders. Your packages will say "Sent from Paint the Aspens", if I mail it from here.

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