Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Oct 5 - Paint the Aspens!

Morning skies at Tonopah, Arizona, where I spent the night before coming up here to Pinetop for Paint the Aspens. Just look at those clouds and the clarity in distance. And of course, palm trees in the desert. Tonopah is home to El Dorado Hot Springs, and I try to adjust my traveling to make sure I stay over in this primitive camping spot. The spring water is wonderful!

This is my fourth year at Paint the Aspens--I love the high country before the snow flies and after most of the tourists are gone.

Here's my camp site this morning--it POURED last night--rain and hail on the camper woke me up at 3:00, and there were two startled dogs giving me the "Mom, what's up with THIS!!?!" look. I have Sparky and Willow with me. Niko is staying in Riverside.

Hawley Lake is in the background in this photo, and the smaller "lakes" are puddles from the downpour. I had a nice wood fire last night and cooked up some steaks and roasted ears of corn. Yum...

Rain is forecast--but up here, the rains come and are gone in half an hour, and the sun comes out in between. Lots of rainbows. I painted using acrylics out by Sunrise Ski Area today, and will post that painting tomorrow. I'm in the Pinetop Public Library sending this--are you enjoying the journey?

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