Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sep 30 - Goat Details and The Cutest Kitty Ever...

Finished and I'm much pleased with it now... still has the freshness of the original, earlier work (done quite close to when I was assimilating the Color System) yet it is gentler, as a kid goat ought to be.... (Until they hop straight up in the air, give a twisty bend and tear off in a new direction!!

I miss my goat babies, but next spring will bring a new crop of.... LAMBS here at Two Trees. The ewes are looking contented, and the ram is looking tired. So the three ladies hopefully will present me with more painting opportunities next Feb-March.

I saw a video that just made me laugh out loud, and although I don't usually post these things, perhaps we can all use a bit of an uplift in our day. I wonder if this kitty stayed this fresh and interactive--we can hope our art will be just as bright and joyful. Keep those brushes moving!!!

On OTHER news, I'm packing the camper for my fourth trip to the White Mountains of Arizona next week--for the Paint the Aspens trip. I love it there, listening to the elk at night by a fire in the closed summer camp of one of the high lakes. Rejuvenation and revitalization!

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Ruth Andre said...

Your goat painting is very nice and fresh and the kitty video is hilarious. Thanks for sharing it.

Karen Werner said...

That kitty is so sweet! And your painting is lovely...great feeling of light.