Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 12 - Acrylic Art Demonstration Painting in Stages

I'm headed out this evening to do a demonstration painting in acrylics for the Corona Art Association, and I wanted you to see this one develop in stages. Here's the first cover, done in the studio so I can talk and not think about composition as I start. (Yes, I'm taking the timer along with me! Every ten minutes I'll take another image and post a blog on that stage of the painting.)

The under painting on this 16 x 20 is done with a mix of cad orange and sap green, with a touch of thalo blue thrown in. I know it is going to be a Cool Box painting, so I put in a warm under painting, in case some of that shows through. If you look earlier in my blog (Sept 21-26), you'll see another painting in stages which is similarly done. This one, however, is in a different atmosphere, and won't have much of the mist on it. I used one of those rubber-tipped "brushes" to make the marks of the drawing so I know the basic location of the coming shapes. I also spritzed it with alcohol mist when the paint was wet enough to react to it. Makes an interesting visual texture, even though most of it will be lost in the coming layers.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it will develop, although I can almost "feel" it finished in my mind. The canvas is now packed in the Honda Fit along with my art supplies and DVDs for the evening demo.

The source image for this demonstration tonight is below, and is from my recent trip to the White Mountains. I hope you'll enjoy how it develops and my writing about why I make the changes I do. Let's enjoy our time together as this one develops over the next several days!

On another front... the painting that I revised on October 7th SOLD at the opening, along with eight other artists' works. So even though some of you were divided in your comments about its changes, it is now in someone's collection, so no revisions are possible! ( The 7x5 picnic bench is still there... sort of glad it hasn't sold.)

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