Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 11 - Memories of Ski Areas, Oil 8 x 10

This was the last painting of the trip--done on Thursday from my camper. It was done from inside the camper, because I was sited on the side of the road in the middle of a high, wide mesa, and the winds were buffeting so strongly that my camper roof was rippling and occasional thunder came from above!

Done in oils, I enjoyed coming back into the sumputous feel of this media after the details inherent in acrylic layering. This is Sunrise Ski Area, and I painted the runs with a dusting of imaginary snow. As is the wish of everyone who enjoys downhill winter sports, that first snowfall heralds the coming of winter playdays!

The ominous snow-filled clouds were painted with the ultra blue, alizarin, yellow ochre and white combination that is so useful for all skies. Never pure, these three make marvelous, clean sky grays with infinite variations!

Here's yet another image from the campground, showing the many ways this part of the White Mountains presents itself. This one may end up in a painting--perhaps as a backdrop to a living creature--or another picnic table! In any case, the beauty and peacefulness of Hawley Lake cannot be minimized. I'm glad I brought back so many photographic memories.

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