Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15 - Thirty Minutes into it, and changes!

Oh, look! The trees are back!

In ten more minutes with the fastest (one inch filbert) brush in the west, I've gone BACK into my dark pigments and put in those trees, their major needles (Ponderosa pines), and make the green areas of the lower right more interesting. What I'm doing at this point is "shaping" those larger marks into three-dimensional belief builders. They look like rocks now.

The filbert brush is an amazing tool--giving the artist the broad strokes that start and finish thinly as one puts down and picks up the brush. That brush also made all of the branches--thick to thin, out to the ending tips. All with a one-inch filbert.

I've mentioned before that making water isn't tough--first the verticals, and then the horizontals on top. I'll add to that a general guideline--make more verticals (at least 2/3 more) than horizontals. I've held to that pretty much by this point with the lake. I like how the whole scene feels wet, and I can testify that this is because of the Cool Box colors.

On other news, tonight 20 people are coming over to my theater to watch a special movie screening of a private debate held last year. I'm chasing dust bunnies and trying to make the yard resemble something other than a dog kennel. Dog puppy toys everywhere, sigh...

Did any of you see the National Geographic "Worst Fix" show last night with the installation of Ron Wood's project in Salt Lake City? After the structure is in place, the glass will be installed over the next few months. Ought to be spectacular when finished!

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