Saturday, October 28, 2006

October 28 - Ocean Surf on the Big Island

"Ocean Surf" Just a 5 x 7 of the memories of the surf on the black volcanic rocks of the shoreline all over these islands. I put in a green sea turtle just to the right of the surf, because IT WAS THERE! Yes, it is the one I painted on location yesterday, but today I spent the morning zipping across rain forest canopies and swimming in rivers beneath the azure skies of Kauai, so painting was not the foremost thing in my mind. However, had it been, I would have been out of luck, since I left my paint boxes in the stateroom! Tomorrow I'll get some good material, and perhaps even get a painting or two done before we sail at 2 pm. I'm not one for shopping (I did buy a Kauai Backcountry tee today) so stores hold little appeal when the island flora and fauna are so unique and beautiful. I have to hold off on putting these up for sale, as there is so much to do until I'm back in California. Thanks for being there to enjoy my trip here!

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